Having been working in technology now for close to three decades. I’ve seen how far we’ve come and learned a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of technology from enterprise systems to the simplest of websites.

Who Are We

Small business technology specialists, offering bespoke full-stack solutions for your business

Our Mission

Delivering excellence through professional work ethic with a personable touch

What We Do

Web Design, Hosting, Server Administration, Media, Email Marketing, Support

Our History

SmallByte Technology Solutions started in 2014 in London. I, Richard, felt it was time that I offered my varied skills and experience to a larger audience of people who could benefit from what I can offer. Being able to see how technology supports and excels a business no matter the size. I have a unique perspective that is well placed for helping SME’s grow.

Before this, I’ve contracted as a Systems Engineer to a wide range of businesses and have previously even worked in a top Fortune 500 company. Delivering everything from basic desktop support, network and server administration and providing a flare for media technologies such as VoIP, VoD & IPTV.

I’ve been working with computers and technology since early 1991, building and repairing machines for myself or others. Since then I’ve repaired and worked on thousands of devices and hundreds of different networks giving me a wealth of full-stack knowledge.

Why choose me?

Our designs are fully reactive, meaning they will stretch and rearrange themselves to the type of device they are being displayed on. With 60%+ of traffic now coming from a mobile device, this is essential to ensure it’s working correctly for all your customers.

I run a monitoring system that is 24×7 and I am usually working late of evening supporting worldwide customers and administrating systems. If you should have a problem day or night, give me a call and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Doing a project right means it should deliver results that convert for your business. We can add into any support contract an in-depth review process and marketing strategy that will ensure you’re growing in the right direction.

Having such a large knowledge base means knowing what are the best technologies to use, even as they evolve and change. Picking the right foundation is important to furthering the longevity of any project and ensuring your return on investment.

Having close to three decades of experience, ensures I have a great understanding of what technology you’ll need to support your business needs. Having a keen eye for detail and clean design ensures each is professional and inviting.

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